Upcycling, Gardening & Composting Workshop In Mumbai

The Green School Program has been officially inaugurated with the two workshops conducted in Dargadevi Municipal School; and before considering our work as finished here, it’s time to get some feedback from the teachers, principal, and kids.

As they said, students take care of the plants on daily basis, but sometimes they get a little bit confused identifying the different plants and knowing the right way to water them. That’s why we decided to implement the part of the EathrTalk, giving more information about the plants selected.

While we were thinking to teach them something about the environment, it was our team learning from the effort of those students and teachers.

Thank you for that amazing experience Dargadevi School, now it’s time to continue with the Green School Program!

At this moment, we’ve decided to use the area where Earth5R is based – Powai and Chandivali – as our targets in Mumbai, and from where we are receiving a good feedback from many citizens who want to activate socially and environmentally and work with us as they can. One relevant example is the numerous requests by citizens of Hiranandani and Lake Homes asking to personally lead and participate in the workshops. 

The third workshop was conducted in Powai Marathi Madhyamik School on Thursday, 31 August, thanks to the Earth5R team: Yasmin Giordano, Monserrat Abud, Keyur Kashikar, Sharad Vegda and Shalini Agrawal.

Since here students are older – 8th grade – we decided to teach them how to make an easy bookmark using newspapers, instead of our origami hat. The second and most important part, we talked with them about issues such as plastic pollution, organic gardening, and composting.

The time for our school garden has come: cut plastic containers, soil, seedlings, and some water. So simple that it should be practiced in every school.

Here, we have had great support from the teachers and presidents who have held very exciting speeches.

We are very happy to be able to work with guys of this age! It’s never too late to learn.

-Reported by Yasmin Giordano, Photos by Sharad Vegda and Christian Dearden.