Water Bowls For Birds: Animal Spirit By Jaipur Earth5R

On the 11 August 2015, Ashima and Tuhina set out to execute their first activity as the volunteer of Earth5R. The stage of action was a colony in Jaipur. They bought a few parindas (water bowls for birds). On an Activa scooter, they roamed the streets from one place to another, teaching people about various earth related issues. From water to fauna to water for fauna! They were received with great kindness and warmth at all places. People stood to listen to them, to read the bibs and lend a hand. One of them on reading “I’m Earth” on the bib, shouted, ” I’m also Earth! ”

This beautiful man is the hero of their story. He helped them arrange stuff and guided them to the right place to put the parinda. They then requested him for a photo. He said, “Vaise to Main photo nahi khinchwata par tum itna accha kaam kar rahi ho. To khinchwa leta hun1″ These simple words gave the duo immense happiness and pride.

Tuhina Sharma and the old man with the Bowler Hat. The team will never  forget this simple man- a greatness in disguise. He gave them great courage, smiled a lot and praised them, almost forcing them to continue the good work they were doing as a part of Earth5R

These people were definitely eye openers for the team. Dressed in minimal clothing and standing barefooted, they looked no less than nature’s army. When told about our plan, they were the first ones to come out and volunteer. They have no food and water themselves, no place to live, and possibly no work. But for mother nature, the poorest is a child.