Community Cleanup In Munich: Lufthansa Group And Help Alliance

Community CleanUps take place to improve the appearance and condition of a specific area that has been facing ignorance for a long time. Residents of that region, who care about the problem, collaborate and volunteer to clean their region and make sure they are living in an environmentally preserved community.

One such Community CleanUp ended on April 30th, 2021 in Munich, Germany. The idea of this cleanup was triggered on the occasion of World Earth Day, when the employees at Lufthansa airlines in Munich started collecting waste and masks in their neighbourhoods.

Due to Covid-19 precautions, the volunteers went out in tandems instead of large groups. Being a Community CleanUp, their focus was very local, restricted to their own neighbourhood with the motive that – “We leave no mask behind”. 

The main goal of the cleanup was to “Leave no mask behind”

But not just masks, they collected a variety of things, like parts from bicycles and cars, plastic bags, packaging and bottles, take-away food boxes and many glass bottles.

One of those volunteers is Peter Model, a citizen volunteer at Earth5R. Peter informed Earth5R that even after the cleanup ended, they are determined to continue doing such projects. 

It is key not to stop, it is crucial to rather build up and solve problems on an even larger scale.

Peter said that he will keep meeting with his tandem partner, Benedikt Wedding for small clean ups and hope that once restrictions are lifted that they can even continue with a larger group of people.

The Lufthansa group is supported by the organisation Help Alliance, in all its efforts in working towards the environment and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Help Alliance triggered the #communitycleanup initiative across several key cities such as Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg in Germany, and other places worldwide where the Lufthansa Group is active.

The 2021 April Munich cleanup shows the less visible but effective impact of small cleanups combined together as one. It gives a message to look after one’s own neighbourhood and locality to create a change and take action.


Earth5R is an environmental organization from India with its head office in Mumbai. It works with the NGO sector, Companies and helps them conduct environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs across India.

Earth5R specializes in circular economy-based projects. Earth5R also offers short-term and long-term environmental courses and fellowships

Reported by Aishani Raghav