Home Equals Planet: Sustainability Workshop At IIT

On 3 April 2021, Earth5R conducted a Home Equals Planet, 15 Actions virtual workshop for the students of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, India. The event was a part of NSS IITD’s annual social fest – Kaizen 2021. The session was conducted by Earth5R’s citizen volunteers, Aishani Raghav and Shambhavi Rathore.

The Home Equals Planet project is a collection of 15 simple, tangible actions that can be carried out on an individual level. 

These actions range from promoting energy conservation, green commute to spreading awareness about responsible investments. The 15 Actions are a step towards a healthier planet and a better lifestyle.

The purpose of Home Equals Planet is to tackle global environmental challenges at rock bottom. It shows the power of collective individual efforts, and the changes one can bring with the smallest lifestyle shift.

The 15 Actions of Home Equals Planet are also associated with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals which are 17 interlinked goals designed to create a better world for all by 2030.

The session at Kaizen 2021 commenced with a small discussion on climate change and a brief introduction of Earth5R and the projects undertaken by the organisation. The participants were then explained in detail about the project Home Equals Planet and the 15 Actions that come under it. 

Home Equals Planet Action 5- ‘Conserve Energy’ focuses on the decision and practice of using less energy

While discussing energy conservation, one of the participants shared a very different perspective on one’s convenience over energy conservation –

If our own convenience would be prioritised then automatically energy conservation will be taken care of. If people have to use energy in such a way that it helps them in the long run, so within a few years, technological advancements will have to be made to conserve energy. Hence, I would lean more towards my own convenience.

Home Equals Planet Action 10 – ‘Segregate your waste and Recycle’ was supported with a demonstration on the types of plastic packaging and possible methods of waste segregation and recycling

During the session, the participants simultaneously filled the Lifestyle Survey form that collected data from them, related to their present actions and their daily life. After a month, another form will be shared with them, having the same set of questions, which will collect the Post Training impact from the participants.

This way, the two sets of data collected will be compared and analysed to study the impact of Home Equals Planet, on a collective, as well as individual level.

The session held at IIT Delhi was interactive and participants openly shared their opinions on the platform. Earth5R believes in collaborating with educational institutions with the motive of sharing and spreading knowledge and awareness to take positive action.


Earth5R is an environmental organization from India with its head office in Mumbai. It works with the NGO sector, Companies and helps them conduct environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs across India.

Earth5R specializes in circular economy based projects. Earth5R also offers short term and long term environmental courses and fellowships.

Reported by Aishani Raghav, Edited by Trisha Garg