Waste management is a crucial practice that aims to conserve natural resources, reuse materials, reduce environmental impact, and ultimately use resources sustainably.

Wastes can be categorised into solid waste, biodegradable waste, hazardous waste, electronic wastes and household wastes. Household wastes are classified as dry waste and wet waste. Medical wastes or bio-wastes are another type of waste from the healthcare sector and can be assigned under hazardous waste.

Therefore it is important to have a strategy that involves proper segregation and disposal of wastes. Waste management is such a strategy. Waste management involves the proper collection, transportation, segregation and disposal of waste. 

In India, the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has been a popular clean-up and waste management initiative that has had success in reducing wastes. The corporate organisations follow a model of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which is a business model focused towards environmental and societal impact.

Through the Earth5R app, you have an opportunity to conduct a waste hotspot survey. Waste hotspots indicate improper waste management practices. you will look for waste hotspots to find out whether waste management practices are being properly implemented.

Earth5R will not only share your valuable survey readings within your community, but also inform your local government, and push for change. Thus, you will directly impact the noise pollution in your locality, and improve the well-being of your community.

Download Earth5R – Your environmental app, and spread sustainability in your locality!

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