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About Earth5R

Earth5R is a UNESCO-recognized global environmental organization that is helping global communities and businesses transition towards a green economy.

This is achieved through Earth5R’s Google award-winning app and state-of-the-art learning management system.

Individuals and organizations undertake domain-specific green skill development programs and use the Earth5R app to make sustainable choices and build their Sustainability Portfolio©.

With the use of smart technology and big data, our mission is to mobilise two billion people globally to combat climate change by the end of 2030.

What Can You Do With A Mobile Phone In Your Hand?

Imagine leveraging a mobile phone as a powerful tool to carve out your role in the 26 trillion USD green economy by 2030.

What if the mobile phone could help you take concrete steps towards climate action and craft pollution-free neighborhoods with improved air quality?

This is where Earth5R comes into the picture. We have created an innovative ecosystem where individuals and corporations collaborate on learning about sustainability and taking climate action.

We are solving one of the world’s toughest and  seemingly unsolvable problems:

The Lack Of Incentives For Climate Action.​


Awarded By The French President

Emmanuel Macron

Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of France, awarded Earth5R Founder, Saurabh Gupta, with the Young Leader India-France Award.

Earth5R has been acknowledged by UNESCO for its impact on the environment.

Mr. Emmanuel Macron awarded Saurabh Gupta for playing a significant role in the community leadership of environmental innovations on a global scale.

Our Partnerships & Affiliations

Join our Sustainability Courses

Certification Course in Global Sustainability and Environment

Learn to design solutions that are rooted in first principles—solutions that are sustainable, impactful, and scalable.

Whether you plan to build a sustainability-focused startup, or work in green sector, or leading environmental efforts within a company, this course will help you with the most practical and business driven approaches.

Sustainability Green Jobs Service Workshop Mumbai Earth5R Environment CSR ESG

Sustainability Jobs Workshop

Are you ready to build your career in the Environmental and Sustainability sector? Join Earth5R’s Sustainability JOBS Workshop and jumpstart your career in sustainability! Learn from 2-time TEDx Speaker and globally acclaimed sustainability leader Saurabh Gupta. Get hands-on experience that sets you apart in the green jobs market.

Companies use Earth5R app for effective ESG and CSR Programs

River, Beach and Lake Cleanup Campaigns

Plastic-Free Campaigns and Initiatives

Corporate Sustainability Challenge

Sustainable Urban Plantation Drives

Green Skills Job Training Centers

Waste Management and Circular Economy Workshops

Sustainability Skill Development and Certification

Urban to Rural Knowledge Exchange Initiatives

ESG, Sustainability Reporting and Analytics Training

Biodiversity Conservation Efforts

Saurabh Gupta Founder CEO Cyclist Environmentalist Earth5R Mumabi India Sustainability CSR NGO

How it all started?

Saurabh Gupta left his corporate HR job at Cafe Coffee Day and went on to cycle around the globe.

Over the next two years, he completed 50,000 kilometers cycling through Asia, Africa, and Europe- little more than the circumference of Earth.

He witnessed a great deal of destruction and apathy towards the environment in various regions around the world.

He channeled his determination into establishing Earth5R- an organization built on toughness and a real commitment to change.

This is how Earth5R was born.

Watch Earth5R's Founder, Saurabh Gupta, Ignite TEDx

TEDxTalk @Paris

TEDxTalk @Mumbai


Individuals Enhance Their Career

by getting ready for the new climate economy.

Corporates Enhance Their ESG Score

by engaging employees in ESG programs and volunteering.

Cities Set an Example

by driving sustainable practices and public participation.

Showcase Projects

Plastic Recycling Program with Lufthansa Help Alliance

Earth5R, alongside Lufthansa Group, recently spearheaded a successful beach cleanup in Mumbai.This impactful initiative not only restored the beauty of the beach but also served as a powerful reminder of the critical issue of plastic pollution

Social Entrepreneurship Program with NYU, Abu Dhabi

Earth5R’s NYU Social Entrepreneurship Internship fosters the essential skills of initiative and outreach.This immersive program empowers them to become future environmental leaders, ready to tackle the world’s sustainability challenges

Sustainable School with SWISS International Airlines

The Swiss Staff Foundation and Earth5R collaborate on the Sustainable School Project. This initiative empowers underprivileged children through a circular economy model, providing essential resources and fostering environmental leadership.

River Consultation Project with National Geographic

Earth5R participated in a National Geographic roundtable focused on tackling plastic pollution in the Ganges River. This critical discussion explored solutions and emphasized the importance of data and collaboration. Learn more about this impactful initiative.

Project Selection and Showcase at the Paris Peace Forum

Earth5R was selected for the first ever Paris Peace Forum. Earth5R was selected as a Project Leader in the Environmental sector. The team presented the project to 65 heads of nations to champion collaborative solutions for a more sustainable future. 

Mumbai River Cleaning Project with United Nations

Earth5R, VTT and RiverRecycle were granted 0.6 Million Euro funds to clean the plastic waste from Mumbai’s Mithi river in partnership with MMRDA. The project partners were selected by United Nations Technology Innovation Labs and funding was provided by Huhtamäki.

Reviews from our Sustainability Course Students

Mumbai India Green Job Sustainability Environmentalist ESG Earth5R
Arjun Iyer, India
Arizona State University,
United States

The Earth5R course helped my academic and practical understanding of sustainability, aiding my acceptance to ASU and connecting me with sustainability networks in Arizona.

Mumbai India Green Job Sustainability Environmentalist ESG Earth5R
Pooja Kulkarni, India
University of Adelaide,

Earth5R’s comprehensive sustainability program boosted my application to Adelaide, especially the fieldwork experience, and helped me find related work in Australia. Highly recommended for anyone planning to go overseas. 

Egypt Cairo Green Job Sustainability Environmentalist ESG Earth5R
Khaled Mohamed, Egypt
University of Sheffield,
United Kingdom

Earth5R’s practical experience was a game-changer for my portfolio, helping my admission to Sheffield and allowing me to connect with sustainability groups in the UK. 

Phuket Thailand Green Job Sustainability Environmentalist ESG Earth5R
Pim Chaiwong, Thailand
University of British
Columbia, Canada

As a part of the Earth5R course I lead a coastal conservation project aimed at preserving marine ecosystems and promoting sustainable tourism practices at Phuket. 

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Google honors Earth5R App with prestigious 2023 award.
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Sustainability Leadership
Addressing global leaders on Circular Economy at Paris Peace Forum.
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Leadership in Recycling
Presenting sustainable recycling tech to Costa Rican President.
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Partnership for the Planet
Uniting with Fiji's President for recycling initiatives.
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