Circular Economy based Sustainable Lifestyle under Earth 5R’s Waste Management Training in Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Due to lack of a proper waste segregation system, 16% of Mumbai’s population is forced to live in unsanitary conditions. These slum dwellers resort to environmentally detrimental methods of handling waste that lead to adverse effects on the environment and community. 

One such effect is poor sanitation that results in further consequences, such as the recent rapid spread of the coronavirus. 

More than half the residents of slums in three areas in India’s commercial capital, Mumbai, tested positive for antibodies to the coronavirus, a new survey has found.

(Source: The Indian Express)

Slums in Ghatkopar, Mumbai (The Indian Express)

Hence, a proper waste management is critical for maintaining the health of the community in Mumbai. To address this deficiency, the Earth5R Team presented the Solid Waste Management and Circular Economy for Livelihood Training Programme to the residents of Ghatkopar, Mumbai. Aligning with the 15 Sustainable Development Goals, the Livelihood Training consisted of a one month action plan to encourage residents to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. 


The Home Equals Planet Project as part of the Solid Waste Management and Circular Economy for Livelihood Training Programme (Earth5R)

(Source: UN-Water)

UN 15 Sustainable Development Goals (UN-Water)


Here, the Earth5R volunteer conducts a waste management training for the residents of Ghatkopar, Mumbai (Earth5R)

During this training, slum dwellers heightened their environmental awareness through learning and incorporating sustainable practices into their daily life. In particular, the Earth5R team educated residents of Ghatkopar on the importance of waste management, waste segregation of wet and dry waste, composting, reducing waste through the 3Rs, upcycling materials and more.


Earth5R volunteers educate residents on the importance of leading a sustainable lifestyle through upcycling, composting, and other eco-friendly practices of reducing waste (Earth5R)

Using interactive workshops that discuss methods of promoting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, Earth5R volunteers engaged in meaningful conversations and demonstrations with the residents of Ghatkopar.


Earth5R’s education curriculum regarding waste segregation of different types of waste including dry, wet, and hazardous waste (Earth5R)


Earth5R volunteers engaging with the residents of Ghatkopar, Mumbai in waste management conversations (Earth5R)

By promoting the circular economy, the Livelihood Training Programme encourages the residents to embrace actions that maximize the value of waste and reduce its production. 

Source: Icelog

Circular Economy Model (Iceclog)

Furthermore, the Livelihood Training Programme empowers women in the community economically through the process of upcycling. In the Programme, Earth5R teams equip local women with the skills and knowledge to not only reduce post consumer waste but also generate income from upcycling waste. 

Women of the community were excited to learn about the Programme and asked many questions regarding household waste management. 


Earth5R volunteers empower women by equipping them with the livelihood skills necessary to benefit the community (Earth5R)

Through the Livelihood and Waste Management programs of the Circular Economy model training in Mumbai, a total of 4,500 families were educated on sustainable actions that promoted a cleaner and safer environment. With the collective actions of the community, the Earth5R team diverted a significant amount of waste away from the landfill. Ultimately, the Programme depicts the lasting change citizens can achieve through their collective efforts within the community. 


Earth5R is an environmental organization from India with its head office in Mumbai. It works with the NGO sector, Companies and helps them conduct environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs across India.

Earth5R specializes in circular economy based projects. Earth5R also offers short term and long term environmental courses and fellowships.

-Reported by Claire Hsu, Edited by Riya Dani

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