Leadership Program in Sustainability & Climate Change

Earth5R offers a Leadership Program in Sustainability & Climate Change (LPSCC) that included hands-on learning via specific socio-environmental projects.

In modern society, many children and young adults spend most of their free time indoors browsing on their mobile phones, iPad, watching TV, computers, and other electronic devices. Evidence indicates that such isolation from nature could be contributing to stress, anxiety, depression, irritability, difficulty in dealing with change, and excessive body weight. It affects their overall development and social skills.

Environmental scientists have identified that increasing isolation from nature is one of the five major causes of the environmental problems we face. Without an understanding of our utter dependence on nature for food, shelter, clean air, clean water, and many other natural resources and services, we become more likely to degrade our environment.

A leadership program that focuses on sustaining the environment and society, helps youth to reverse such degradation and to contribute positively to the environment and thus to their own well-being.

Under this leadership program students work on an assigned project related to Climate Change, Environmental Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship. The program includes training, mentoring, outdoor and indoor assignments, submission of project report and reviews. Students will be guided by their mentor and will receive relevant study material throughout the program.

LEADERSHIP PROGRAM DURATION (Flexible) 3 Months/ 96 Hours 2 Months/ 64 Hours 1 Month or 32 Hours 2 Weeks/
16 Hours
1 Week/ 8 Hours 1 Day/
1.5 Hours
PROGRAM FEE Rs 36,000/ $ 550 Rs 25,000/ $ 400 Rs 15,000/ $ 230 Rs 12,000/ $ 180 Rs 8,000/ $ 125 Rs 3,000/ $ 50
Leadership Assignment- Live Project Work ((Additional flexible hours depending on the project and learning needs) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
The Five Environmental Values- Respect, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Upcycling, Recycling, Downcycling techniques Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Food Waste to Composting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Creating Zero Waste Homes Yes Yes Yes
Solid Waste Management- Downcycling, Recycling, Upcycling and other Processing Yes Yes Yes
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (17 Global Goals) Yes Yes Yes
World Environment Summits Yes Yes Yes
UNESCO Biosphere Program Yes Yes
Greenhouse Effects and Global Warming Yes Yes
Project ACT Global- Local Sustainability Project Yes Yes
Environmental Blogging- Writing Environmental Articles in Earth Journal Yes Yes
Project Coordination with Global Project Teams Yes Yes
Sustainability Planning and Creating Livable Area for the People Yes
Measuring Environmental Impact and Sustainability Yes
Rainwater Harvesting- Combating Water Crisis Yes
Plantation- How to grow your own food Yes
Social Entrepreneurship Yes
Developing a Social Enterprise Business Plan Yes
Sustainability Project Planning- Group Work Yes
Delivering EARTH Talk Yes

Students who perform well in this program also receive a Letter of Recommendation (LOR). Towards the end of the leadership, program students go through a review process and they receive a Leadership Certificate in Sustainability & Climate Change. The certificate is highly regarded and internationally recognized owing to Earth5R’s track record in the sustainability and climate change space.

To enrol for the Leadership Program in Sustainability & Climate Change please get in touch with Earth5R via email or WhatsApp/ call us at +91 99200 45587.